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Rewiring your House

To sum it up, rewiring your house will protect your family from electrical shocks, decrease the risk of fires caused by sparks and overheating and reduce electricity bills.

The rewiring of your house must be tested and completed by a qualified electrician.

The main reason for rewiring a house is due to out of date or faulty wiring. Faulty wiring can be very dangerous causing many house fires and serious incidents each year. Flickering lights or outlets making a popping sound can be sign that your wiring is faulty and well worth getting it checked by a professional.

Benefits of Rewiring your house

Rewiring your home has many benefits such as:

  • Protect your family and visitors from electrical shocks
  • Reduce the risk of fires
  • Protect your appliances from electrical surges
  • Reduce electricity bills with the the installation of energy efficient lighting & accessories
  • Compliant with Insurance standards

How much does it cost to rewire your house?

The costs involved in rewiring a house vary depending upon the time required to complete the rewiring and the size of the house. Rewiring must be completed by qualified electricians to ensure that your wiring meets Australian Standards.

Jim’s Electrical can provide you with a free quote to rewire your house. To receive a quote from your local licensed electrician please call 131 546.

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