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Underfloor heating installation

Installing underfloor heating creates radiant heat which is distributed evenly. Radiator heaters distribute heat unevenly creating hot and cold spots in a room. Underfloor heating provides even heat distribution meaning that the system can run for a shorter period of time, saving energy, to obtain the same level of comfort.

Heating underfloor can be zoned so that only the areas being used need to be heated. Once installed the value of your property will increase.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Installing underfloor heating has many benefits which include:

  • Energy efficient heating either by radiant heating, electric and water based systems
  • Can be installed in bathrooms (under tiles) for maximum comfort
  • Effortless to run
  • More space and design freedom
  • Works with all floor coverings
  • Increase safety and comfort
  • Ease of installation
  • Increase your property value

How much does it cost to install underfloor heating?

The costs involved in installing underfloor heating vary depending upon the number of rooms and the type of heating you want installed and the location.

Jim’s Electrical can provide you with a free quote to install underfloor heating. To receive a quote from your local licensed electrician please call 131 546.

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