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Three Phase Power Installation

Installing three phase electricity will offer much more power than single phase. Three phase will support 3 phase systems, machinery and or appliances when installed in the home. Air conditioning often requires more power and the three phase system will provide that. The three phase system allows electricity loads to be better balanced keeping wiring size and costs lower. The good news is that with the advancement of technology three phase systems are more readily available for home installation.

Benefits of Three Phase Power

Installing a three phase system has many benefits which include:


  • The three phase system can transmit more power as compared to a single phase.
  • The efficiency of three phase operated devices and appliances is higher than single phase
  • Motors operate smoother with less vibration
  • Increased performance

How much does it cost to install three phase power?

The costs involved in installing three phase power vary depending upon the amount of wiring needed to be installed and the location of the nearest three phase power unit to be accessed.

Jim’s Electrical can provide you with a free quote to install three phase power. To receive a quote from your local licensed electrician please call 131 546.


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