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Surge Protection Installation

Installing a surge protector could help extend the lifespan of your electronics. Power fluctuations and surges place your electronics at risk. At a minimum, power surges damage home electronics, appliances and a voltage spike can even start a fire. Surge protectors will reduce the risk of these hazards.

Appliances that require constant power such as computers, printers, televisions and refrigerators should all use surge protectors. In fact, any device that you don’t want to lose in the event of a power surge or that which would be expensive to replace should be protected.
Surge Protection should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Benefits of a Surge Protector

Installing a surge protector has many benefits which include:

  • Cost effective
  • Protects expensive electrical appliances
  • Will almost instantly shut off electricity to the affective area during a power surge
  • Prevents damage to essential appliances such as refrigerators
  • Electrical fire prevention

How much does it cost to install a Surge Protector?

The costs involved in installing surge protector vary depending upon how much of the house you want protected.

Jim’s Electrical can provide you with a free quote to install surge protectors. To receive a quote from your local licensed electrician please call 131 546.


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