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Lighting for Artwork 

Lighting for artwork in your home or office is a great way to change a painting into an outstanding work of art.
Whether you are looking to make a centre piece of the room or simply highlight an existing painting in the background Jim’s Electrical can help install your custom lighting for artwork. 

Track Lighting / LED downlights

Relatively easy to install and offer future options for upgrades or changes, track lighting provides various angles from the ceiling. LED lighting is energy efficient and don’t emit harmful radiations that can fade or damage some art. 

Mantel Lighting 

Installed directly above the piece Mantel lights range in size and appearance with the idea to compliment the art and not take the focus away from the piece. 

How Much Does Lighting for Artwork Cost to Install?

The cost of installing lights for artwork is dependent on the size and style of the light as well as the wall / ceiling type we’re installing to.  
Jim’s Electrical can provide you with a free quote to install your lighting artwork. To receive a quote from your local licensed electrician please call 131 546.

Recent Lighting for Artwork Installation's by the Jim's Electrical Team

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